Hayman Microfinance in Myanmar
Job PositionCredit Unit Manager
Required No( 1 ) Post
Reports toChief Operating Officer, Deputy Head of Operation Department
DepartmentCredit Department
LocationHead Office, Yangon
Main Responsibilities

Managing Credit Control, Credit Management & Credit Risk

  • Providing leadership and clear focus for employees engaged in delivery of Individual/Group loan product;
  • Developing strategies (staffing, product, process, marketing, etc.) to enable Individual/Group loan portfolio growth and client outreach in existing and new regions;
  • Implementing and continuously updating processes and methodologies for Individual/Group loan product to ensure it remains client attractive and market focused;
  • Ensure overall Individual/group loan product quality and low PAR, according to annual budget;
  • Ensure Individual/Group loan portfolio growth, according to annual budget;
  • Request and encourage the organization and implementation of promotion activities;
  • Submit Individual/Group loan product budget/projections to HOD for final approval;
  • Follow up on targets fulfillment of each Branch and LO Team on Individual/Group loan product;
  • Supervise and manage collection efforts in the branches;
  • Serve as a member and/or Head of the Individual/Group loans and Arrears Committee.
  • Developing and Managing the Capacities of Credit Related Staff
  • Collaborate with Branch Managers and ensure that branch operations are smooth and within policies and procedures.
  • Providing trainings to Branch Managers, Credit Team Leaders and Loan Officers for developing their knowledge on Individual/Group loan product and understanding about the rules and regulations.
  • Drive and sales and distribution efforts among savings team members and provide input for organizational communication and marketing efforts.
  • Manage staff performance on savings and address staffing and training needs to enhance product delivery and efficiency.
Other Tasks
  • Perform other duties as assigned or required by direct manager.
  • Responsible for solving problems in duty and immediately report to direct manager about the problems for solutions.
  • Comply with the rules and regulations of the Operations Department.
  • Ensure good customer service with highly respect. Necessary Experience and Knowledge:
    1. Any Bachelor Degree.
    2. At least two year working experience as a Branch Manager Position in Hayman Capital.
    3. Demonstrating a proactive approach to management
    4. Proven strong leadership skills.
    5. Diligent, detailed oriented, good analytical skills and expert knowledge of Hayman Capital’s products and procedures.
    6. Ability on problem solving and good communication skills.
    7. Good behavior, highly commitment and Well-disciplined.
    8. Good in English both speaking and writing is desirable.
    9. Good Computer literacy (Ms.Office).
    10. Knowledge of Myanmar’s microfinance sector.
How to apply

If you are interested in taking on this challenge and would like to join our team, please send your CV and cover letter to job@hayman-capital.com ( or ) 09777002069 .

Our company is still young, but the experience that has been accumulated by our managers is dozens of years in the major financial institutions of the world and in different countries, both developed and rapidly developing.

In this regard the main focus in managing of human resources at Hayman Capital Co Ltd is the constant exchange of experience. We are an international team, which employs people of different races, cultures, religions and languages. But despite the fact that we are all different, we all have the same vision. We are striving to achieve in excellence our services and products that help improve the welfare of the people and hopefully will have a substantial impact on the further development of the Myanmar economy. Therefore, we speak the same language, the language of a single idea, as well as mutual understanding and cooperation.

We are always interested in finding new talents strengthen our team and create new opportunities for our clients.

The Management of the Hayman Capital Co Ltd guarantees to each member of the team to recognize their real performance and as a result to promote further their careers.

If you share our vision, mission and company management philosophy in order to achieve impressive results, then please immediately consider the career opportunities we offer.

You are always welcome to contact our HR department by phone or sending an email.


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